Month: November 2022

Te Reo Maori

I learned Te Reo Maori.

First we had to talk in  Te Reo Maori only for 8 minutes, if we speak english we get 1 slip we had to try not to get any slips in the 8 minutes.

Next we learnt new words like ko wai what means “whos that” or tera? what means “that”.

Lastly I had to do a task where I had to name all the people in six60.

I liked talking maori fro 8 minutes and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at not getting slips.


I did synthesising but I used it in book/storys.

First I had to watch a story about three billy goats gruff and say what I all ready know about billy goats, I said I know that they like eating grass and they have horns, then after I watched the video in new information I put that their are 3 billy goats, but they have no grass so they try to cross the bridge but theres a troll on it, therefore they can’t get cross the bridge, lastly for new infromation I put little brothers can get away with a lot since theres always somone to help.

Then I had to read another book called “The thieving Foxes” it was about how there are foxes all not the same, they are all hunger so they try to make a plan to steal from the idians since the idians had got gifted food, but their plan was bad so they fell down to their death, I had to put what I already know about foxes, the information the book gave me, and what I have learnt from the story.

Lastly I put foxes are meating eating animals, then I said the foxes are hunger so they are making a plan to steal from the idians, lastly for new understanding I put you should not steal because bad things will happen.

Pros and cons

For inquiry I did pros and cons.

First Miss white told us what pros means, pro means good things about the object, or advantages.Cons means bad things about the object or somthing they can improv on, for example for pros on jet ski I said “Its fast” and for the con”It costs a lot of money”

I then had to do a task where I put 2 pics of a jet ski and a ship and attribute them, then say some pros and cons of the two.



I measured length.

Length is to measure the longes or highes part of somthing.

First Miss White told us what length is measured in, it is measured in mm (millimeters) cm (centimeters) m (meters) and km (kilometers).

Then I had to complete a task where I had to find objects and measure the hightest part of it and say what I measured it in, for example I measured a chair a table in cm and the lengh was 91 cm.

Lastly I had to make a DLO explaning what length is and how to measure length.

Kawa of care

Kawa of care, Kawa of care is to help you keep you your chromebook and you famliy safe.

There are many rules you may follow when having a chrome book, for example there are wash your hands before going on it, or don’t hold you chromebook by the screen, if you follow these rules you will keep you, family, chromebook safe.

There are about your device what tells you what not to do with you chromebook, school responsibilites what tells us how the school manages our chromebook and how we should not go on when at home and school and responsible use what means how you should be theating your chromebook and more.

Here are some responsible use rules.

Air transport timeline

I learned about air transport and made a timeline about it.

First I made a DLO with a timeline on it, I then found imformation about the history of Air transport and looked for the dates.

Next when I found the dates I put the information with the dates on my timeline, for example If I looked up first hot air balloon fight and found the date and the information then I will add it all to the timeline in the right year and in order.

Lastly I added pictures and more information.

I liked this task and I think I was good at it, but I think I need to get better ad explaining the date.


I did Solvemoji.

First I made a slide then played a game of Solvemoji.

Then I got the answers and added them all and found the answer.

Lastly I put the answer on a slide and put a pic of the game I played and sloved.

I liked playing Solvemoji and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to find the answer faster.



Jumping and running skills

I learnt jumping and running skills.

First we done running skills, we had to get into line and run upto coach, Then we had to get balls behind our foot and run upto coach again but we had to try not to make the ball move by our foot, if you didn’t want the ball to move you had to take long steps or try not to press your foot down since it was behind you ankle, we then had a race.

Then we done long jump we had to try get upto coach and see  how far you can go, then we done it by yourself, we had to try run then jump in the middle of the cone, if you wanted to get a far jump you had to run then jump and try land on your two feet and do the motorbike stance.

Lastly we done long jump but how far we jumped how much points you get.

I liked this PE and I think I’m good at jumping but I think I need to get better at running faster.



I did anywords with Bethany.

First I found a partner, I found Bethany, then we got the anywords slide so we could play on it.

Then we wrote our first words, Bethany wrote dragons then I wrote gate from the G.

Lastly Bethany won 19 I won 17, we made some mistakes by spelling diring and ontop.

I liked playing anywords and I think I’m a little good at it, but I think I need to get better at the game by playing more and stop making spelling mistakes.