Month: November 2022


I learnt more maori.

First I had to try to speak only maori for 8 minutes, it was not that hard but my team ended up getting 3 slips.

Then I had to do a task where I had to find all the shapes the question asked me to, for example it said”Kei hea te tapawha” “tapawha means square” so I will say where it is but in maori, I said Kei waenganui what means middle e te tapatoro mete porohita.

Lastly I done a test what tested my knowledge of Maori.

I liked learning more maori and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at my test.

Shotput and discus

I revised shotput and learnt more about discus.

First I learnt how to hold the discus, you have to hold it with your hand spread out with your fingers around the discus, or you stand to you side with both feet facing the opposite way, then point to the target then you bend down with you head knees and toes inline, Lastly you lift low to high, let it fly 

Then I revised the shot put, I revised the way you hold it and the way you pose with it, you have to hold it with 3 fingers on it and hold it on your neck or by you ear, when throwing it you don’t trow you push.

I liked this task and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at discus and how to trow it.                                 

Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes.

Motivational quotes are short sentences that can make somone more confidence at doing somthing, or to make somone do somthing what they don’t to do, for example if somone does not want to go on the fear fall, you can say motivational quotes like “you can do it” or “give it a go” so they get more confidence at doing it.

Motivational quotes can help many people, therefore you should tell people motivational quotes when they need it.

Rail transport

I learnt more about rail transport and what a stakeholder is.

First I learnt about transport that uses rail, I learnt that there are train roller coaster locomotives and more.

Then I learnt what a stakeholder is. A stakeholder is a person that make an technology, then sells it to people so they can get money or it is a person that get a bit of money for a product they have made.

Lastly I had to find 10 facts about trains, then put it on a DLO with what a stakeholder is.

Formal, Informal

Formal, Informal.

Formal, formal is mostly used when talking speaking to people you never met, or don’t know, For example is you want to get a job and have to send a email, you should use formal laguage.

Informal, informal lagauge is used when talking to people you are really close with, or people you have known for a long time.

Then done a task where Ihad an informal text then made into an formal text.


I learnt perimetre.

First I learnt what a perimetre is, perimetre is a strategy use when measuring, but its used to calculate the perimeter.

Then I had to make a DLO explaining how big the school field is on google maps, I also had to explain perimeter of the field.

Lastly I made the DLO pretty.

I liked this task and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at explaining the strategy.t


This week for HPE I done shotput.

First I learnt the way you have to stand, you have to stand with both feet on your side, you also have to have your arms pointing in the way you want the ball to go.

Then I learnt the way you hold the ball, you have to hold it by you ear and by your chin.

Lastly I learnt you trow, you have to push when putting you weight on you leg in fornt, then you have to let go.

I enjoyed learning about shotput and I think I’m kind of good at it, but I think I need to get better at not trowing and pushing the ball.

SSR selfie

I done SSR selfie.

First I read a book named “lost in outer space”.

Then I wrote what it was about, it was about how it was the world’s third mission to surface of the moon, and everything was running smoothly until an explosion ripped through the blackness of space now three men are left there dieing losing power.

Lastly I wrote 3 new words in my meaning.


I comment on people movies.

First I learnt the step to make a comment, they are 

  1. Greeting
  2. Positive feedback
  3. Helpful feedback
  4. Thoughtful Comment
  5. Make a connection
  6. Ask a question

Then I had to find a video to comment on, I picked the flim that room 5 from PBS made.

Lastly I commented on it.

I liked commenting on peoples movie and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at saying what they need to improve on telling them what they need to get bettter at.