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Today we played T-ball. First we played a trial game. We got into 2 teams and our team was fielding first.  If you are the fielder, you have to try to catch the ball and put it on the T. If you are the batsman you have  to try and hit the ball as far as you can and run back and fourth.

Then we played a real game of T-ball. the teams were the same but if you are batting you have to try to run home covering the three bases. We were batting first. After three team members of our team were out, we swapped and started fielding.

I liked playing T-ball and I think I’m good at fielding, but I think I need to get better at batting.

Volleyball skills

I learnt volleyball skills.

First I had to get into a group of 2.Then we had to find a different group to pear up with.

Then we had to practise sitting ,when we were passing we had to have our hand in front of us, when the ball came to us we had to push it up by our hands to the person by us in our group.

Next we had to practise our digging, I learnt that when you get passed the ball you hit it with your arms, when you hit it you have to have your arms together. Then we got into a group of boys and girls we had to try and pass the ball by serving,passing and digging,the ball to each other without dropping it and saying the whole ABCs to win.

Lastly we had a real game with 4 teams, 2 teams went at a time.

I liked learning about volleyball skills, but I think I need to get better at digging, but I think im good at sitting.

Netball skills

This week I learnt netball skills.

First, we had to get into a group of three and had to pass the ball to each other, when catching the ball we had to make sure to make our hands in a W shape. I also learnt we had to pass from the chest.

Then, we got into two groups then lined up, we had to try and get to the end when doing the up and down strategy, after we did that we had to play a game quite similar but we had to pass the ball side to side.

Lastly, we played a real game of netball.

I liked to learn netball skills, but I think I need to get better at passing, but I think I’m good at catching. 


This week I and half of Ls1 played dodgeball.

First we played a game of jedi dodgeball, when we played jedi dodgeball we will have to try to get the jedi out, because if we got the jedi out it can’t get more people in, it also meant we had a better chance of winning.

Then we played traditional dodgeball, in traditional dodgeball if u got out u cant get back in since there was no jedi. There was also a rule where if you catch the ball when it’s coming to you, you won’t be out.

Lastly we played the same game but if you catched the ball when it was coming to you, you could get your teammates back in, but it had to be a full catch.

I enjoyed playing different dodgeball games.

But I think I need to get better at catching.

I think I’m good at throwing.


Passing and Catching

This week I leant how to catch and pass a ball.

First we played octopus but if you became seaweed you can’t come out or be let free.

Then Miss White showed us an example of how to pass a ball. She showed us that we had to put our non-dominant foot in front, and our dominant in the back. She also told us to make your hands into a W shape when passing the ball.

Lastly we played a game where we made 2 teams and we had one person in the middle catching and passing the ball to each other, we had to do that 20 times but if we drop it we had to try agin, and we had to be the first team sitting down, my team lost.

Here’s an example of cacthing       Here’s an example of passing

Revise Soccer skil

This week we revised soccer skill,We revised dribbling the ball, stopping the ball and passing the ball.

First we had to warm up so we played a game called rock paper scissor shoot suck in the mud,the way we played was if you tag someone and win the rock paper scissor shoot you get to run and tag other people but if you lose you have to stay there and wait for someone to tag you out.

Next we revised dubbing and stopping by getting into groups of three and dubbing to each other.we had to use the inside of are feet to driple it.

Then we revised passing by getting into a line and when one person is in front of us and the next too in a line so we can pass to them.

Lastly we played a game where we got into a group of five and had to try to tag someone passing.

Soccer skils

Today I learnt about how to do soccer skills.

First I had to learn how to dribble,I had to kick it with the inside of my foot and we had to keep it close so other teams couldn’t steal it.

Next we lined up into two lines facing each other so we can learn how to pass the ball we had to kick the ball to each other so we can learn how to pass,We also had to use are non dominant foot to kick and stop the ball,The leg you don’t use to kick or stop you have to point it where you want to kick.

Lastly we played a game where we went in two teams, one stood on one side and the next team had to stand on the other side. We had to pass it to each other 8 times to win.

I like learning soccer skills but I think I need to get better at passing,but I think I’m good at kicking it to my teammate.

T ball skills

We revised and leared more tball skills

First play a game called noodel tag to exercise your arm for batting,4 people weel have noodel sticks and if they hit you with it you have to stand sill for 10 seconds.

Next caoch cameron taught us how to bat. We tball to practise batting.If you are the batting you make sure to put the holder for the ball up to your height of your belly button and you hade to make your feet straigth in the line spreed apart arms out straigth at the con tact point and face sideways.

Lastly we switched teams to play against.after 3 out we have to switch places of switch fields.

I liked this task,Game because it help me bat but i need to inpvore my caching.




We learnt how to Identify characteristics of a good team member and Identify Actions and factors that can prevent a team from working cooperatively

First we define characteristics. For example, brave is a characteristic that explains that you’re not scared and you don’t fear anyone.

Then we put our negative words on the outside of the body and our positive words on the inside for example. Communicating, It is positive because it helps your team.

Lastly we played a game and it was all about teamwork. We failed because we didn’t communicate when we played the game.

We enjoyed this task because it was all about teamwork. We need to improve on communicating as a group. We did good at writing our negative and positive words.

By,Taya, Mathues, Gianni, Brooke, Easton, and Densyn.

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