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Equipment and Property

LI: Students will learn how to look after equipment and property.

This week for PB4L we created a contract discussing about your Properties and belongings of why they are important and why they need to looked after. This contract is also about respecting your belongings. An example of this is giving back what you were given to use, and look afther It, this is important to follow these because if you lost or broke it the person that handed it to you would trust you again with their things.

I found this activity interesting because I was able to tell people how much they could trust me.

Class Rules and Expectations Poster

LI: To follow the classroom rules and expectations (including wet day procedures)

This week we did a PB4L poster discussing about the Class Expectations and Rules and why they’re important to follow. This poster is also about respecting the teachers and pupils in the classroom. An example of this is Respect peoples privacy and not saying bad words.

I found this activity entertaining because I liked sharing class rules and expectations, I also enjoyed explaning why we use these rules.

Being inclusive

I learnt what inclusive is and did a story about somthing I did that was inclusive, inclusive is when you do somthing to help somone, or to include somone.

First I was told to get into groups of 3, then i went looking for a group, I saw a lot of people geting into groups when Mia-bella asked “do you wanna be in my group?” I answered  “yes” then we went to go find a 3rd person to joing.

Then  we saw a person sitting down without a group, I then went up to them and said “do you have a group?” they answered “no” therefore I said ” well you like to join are group?” they answered with “yes”.

Lastly we went as a group and done the work with eachather.