Month: November 2022

SSR selfie

I done SSR selfie for 10 minutes.

I read frozen ll, it was about when Anna discovers a secret room in the castle and says a magic spell hoping to cure the sickness.Instead a sinister wolf arrives threatening to destroy the peaceful kingdom.Anna Elsa and their friends must embark on a thrilling quest to save Arendelle.

I liked reading frozen ll and I think it was a good book, but I think the book need to give more information and not skip sences.



I learnt a lot of strategy, I learned number line, place value, rounding and compensation, and lastly borrowing numbers.

First I learnt number line, number line is a strategy when you add the small number and try to make the 1 digit number even.

Then I learnt place value and rounding and compensation. Place value is when adding the smallest numbers, then the bigger number, then the last numbers if there is any, rounding and compensation is rounding the number to the nearest ten.

Lastly I learnt borrowing numbers, borrowing numbers is when you take a number from one of the numbers to make the other number even, then add it to the other number then add it all to find the answer.

Benz Patent Motor Car/new cars

Cars are a type of transport that is used on land to get to places far or not far away.

The first motor car was the “Benz Patent Motor Car” it had big wheels, feet rest, a seat that can only fit 1 person, and no windows and had much the olden day they didn’t have stuff like us they had very different stuff that’s why the Benz Patent Motor Car didn’t have much stuff that our now car have.

Modern cars have a lot of stuff like 4 seats, little rubber wheels and a lot more. It could run faster and get to places fast.

I compared the two by two labelled images.


Commanding conversation

I done commanding conversation.

First I got an image of choice.

Then I thought of what they were doing in my head.

Lastly I picked one idea of what they were doing and wrote it down.

I liked this task because I learnt more about commanding conversation and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at giving more information.