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Key words

This week I have been leaning about key words and summarising a book called bread

First I learnt what a key word is. A key word is a word that can tell a lot about the book or can tell you somthing a word,sentence.

Then I look and tried to find the keys words in each page of bread, after I found all the key words form each page. I had to goup 10 key words and and make my own sentencs about bread here is one I madethe word that is highlighted is the key word,In all my sentencs together I have 10 key words i got form each page that think i are important words,

Here are all of my sentencs


Place Value

This week I learnt about the place value house. The place value house is a house that only carry up to 9. In the place value house there is the ones,ten,and hounderds if it gose up to 10 it moves to the left.

Then we played aroud the word that only went up to 1,10,100,aftre we had a task where you have to pick a number and say what the number was and how many 1,10,100 are in it.

I like this task because I learnt that numbers can only go up to 9 till they move to the left.  I think I need to inprove seeing how much 1, 10, 100 are in a number.

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