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I did an obstacle course and our class did a challenge of who did it the fastest.

First we started the obstacle course, we had to try and zig zag in the cones, afther that we had to try to jump over these hurdles then run across cones. When we got to the end we had to try and skip all the way back.

Then we played a game of infinity tag, everyone was in and had to try tag everybody, if you were tagged by someone and they got tagged you can get back up.

Lately we played a game when there was a square and there were 2 teams, both teams had to run,  then when both team members met they had to have a game of rock paper scissors shoot, if you won you got to keep going if you made it to the other team you win.

I liked playing infinity tag and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at the obstacle course.

Shotput and discus

I revised shotput and learnt more about discus.

First I learnt how to hold the discus, you have to hold it with your hand spread out with your fingers around the discus, or you stand to you side with both feet facing the opposite way, then point to the target then you bend down with you head knees and toes inline, Lastly you lift low to high, let it fly 

Then I revised the shot put, I revised the way you hold it and the way you pose with it, you have to hold it with 3 fingers on it and hold it on your neck or by you ear, when throwing it you don’t trow you push.

I liked this task and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at discus and how to trow it.                                 


This week for HPE I done shotput.

First I learnt the way you have to stand, you have to stand with both feet on your side, you also have to have your arms pointing in the way you want the ball to go.

Then I learnt the way you hold the ball, you have to hold it by you ear and by your chin.

Lastly I learnt you trow, you have to push when putting you weight on you leg in fornt, then you have to let go.

I enjoyed learning about shotput and I think I’m kind of good at it, but I think I need to get better at not trowing and pushing the ball.

spinting skills

I learnt sprinting skills.

First we had a wam up, we played a game where there were bunnys and rats, if the caller said bunnys the bunnys had to run to their side when the rats try to chase and tag them the same goes to the rat but the rats had diffeerent spot to run if called.

Then we played another game where we had to run in circles, but when coach says somthing like run on your heals, you have to.  At the end we had to say what we found hard and what we found easy.

Next we played tiktak toe with cones, we had to go against a differnt team, something coach told us was that how fast you run matters and when you start running matters, but teamwork isnt that important but it still does matter.

Lastly we got into a group of 4 with 2 people at the end and 2 people in the front, I learnt when running the reaction time, speed is what matters.

I liked learnting about running,sprinting and I think I’m good at running but I think I need to get better at my reaction time.

Netball skills

This week I learnt about netball skills, I learnt how to pass and how to catch.

First we had to get into groups, there was a girl team and a boy team, when we got into the teams we had to have a shooters the shooters had to try and get the ball into the hoop by passing to it to each other then had to try and shoot, we also had to have defenders the defenders were trying to catch the ball from the shooter, we had to have 2 defenders and the rest were shooters but only 2 went at a time.

Then we played real netball where there were 2 teams, one bib and non bib I was in non bib, we had to try and pass all the balls to get it in the hoop.

Lastly we played a game of jedi dodgeball where the non bibs and the bib went against each other.

I liked this task because I learnt more about netball, I think Im good at passing, but I think I need to get better at catching.

Basketball skills

I revised how to pass and dribble in basketball.

First I revised how to dribble. I learned that I had to use my fingers when hitting the ball, I also learnt when dribbling that I had to lean down with my legs apart. When dribbling I also had to make my knees facing forward.

Then I had to revise how to pass, I revised that when you are passing the ball you have to make your hands into a W shape then when throwing you should lean on one leg first before you throw.

I like this task because I learnt more about basketball, but I think I need to get better at dribbling.

American Football

Today we did AFL skills. 

First we revised how we have to hold the ball, for example you have to hold the ball with your ring finger on the third lace on the ball.  We learned how to catch and throw the ball.

Then we played a game on piggy in the middle with 3 of our parents, there had to be one person in the middle that had to catch the ball, if they did the person that threw the ball had to be the new piggy in the middle. 

Lastly we played a game of piggy in the middle with everyone.