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Tessellations – Kick Start

For an activerty of Summer Learning Journey I got to do tessellations.

This is my tessellation, I used the shape of a square because I though it was easier than the others”polygons” and I also though it would be more easier for the reader to understand what a tessellation is, tessellation is a group of shapes that fit perfectly together without any gaps, tessellation also gives off a pattern if you look at it closely.

I liked this task because I learnt about somthing new.

Bug of the Year: Step it Up

For an Summer Learning Jurney task I got to make a profile for my chosen bug.

My bug profile is about ladybugs, doing this task taught me alot about them “lady bugs” for example I found out from this task that lady bugs have 5,000 diffrent species!!, for this task I had to get alot of research done as I didnt really know alot about ladybugs, but i still chose to keep it as I wanted to learn more about them, this task has taught me alot about the insect ladybugs!! as well as you if you read and understand it.

I liked this task because as I mentioned it taugth me alot about ladybugs that can also be known as lady birds.

Bug of the Year: Kick Start

For an activerty for Summer Learning Jurney I had to make my bug of the year.

For this activerty I chose to make lady bugs, I chose this insect because I always see them in my garden or on a random tree leaves, I mostly always see the blue ones and never see the red one with black dots, there are many lady bugs of diffrent colour such as yellow or green, you may be able to come across these if your lucky.

I liked this task cause i was able to create a bug of my choice.

Rebus Puzzle – Step It Up

For summer Learning jurney I got to do an activery called Rebus Puzzle but stepping it up, for this activerty you have to get emojis with certain letters but take a certain amount away to leave the letter you wanted

For this activerty it was really hard trying to find emojis that would fit well but i made it work, I made my puzzle is really hard to slove and I think you should take a go at it!! if you get it right or think you got the fight answer please comment what answer you got and I will reply if you got it wrong or right.

I found this activerty kind of hard but really interesting at the same time because it was hard finding the right emojis but I liked and enjoyed finshing it and seeing my result.

Rebus Puzzles – Kick Start

For Summer Learning Journey we had a task called Rebus Puzzles, this is a task where you use emojis to show what or how somthing happened in the story

This is my story, it is about how a hippo called Merry came upon a ogar who offered her lollies if she followed him, she blindly accepted the offer and followed him, this was about to become a big mistake she took.When Merry was following him somthing her mum always used to tell her poped up in her head “never follow strangers” when she remembered this she ran away, but got lost in the middle of the woods, lucky she saw footprints of her own and followed them, they than leaded her to her home safely.

I liked this task but it was kind of difficult trying to find the right emojis.

Summer Styles Step It Up

Today for SLJ we did summer styles, this is a activerty where you were able to make a copy of a drawing with no colour, this picture had no colour because you were the one who had to colour it in.

This is my drawing, i chose these colour because i thought they looked clean together, this Picture shows waves in the back which are very high due to the wind being really violent, in the middle you can see shells of many colour like green pink orange and more, at the bottom of the shells you can see them laying on beutiful sand with many opptions of pink purple and red, at the very bottom there are flowers which grew on the green grass.

I enjoyed this task because I got to use my creativerty to pick colours that look well together.

ComicQuest: Step it Up

For summer learning journey we did ComicQuest, this is a Quest where we make our own comic using our creativity.

For this task me and my partner made a comic about a superhero dog, the story starts with a old lady who notices the dog, she called the dog a cutie which made the dog smile as he hardly ever gets compliments, after that happens  the grandma notices that the dog has no leash therefore she dicided to try and find the owner, as they were looking around a kid which was playing soccer with a ball kicked it a bit too high the dog then saw it was about to hit the old lady so it sprang into actions, if you would like to see what happen next read the comic.

I liked this task because I was able to show and present how storys go on inside my head.

ComicQuest : Kickstart

Today for our kick start activity for the Summer Learning Journey, we had to make a comic strip of your characters at the beach. 

Our comic strip is all about the mystery of the sandcastle, our comics story is about two girls who takes place at the beach to have pleasing day, when they arrived they made a big and beautiful sandcastle which took very long, but they knew it was worth it, when they were finished they decided to have a game of volleyball, after playing a few game they got bored, this was when one of the characters suggested to go back and add more to their sandcastle, but when they got their they were astounded to see what laid in front of their eyes.

This activity was exciting to do because we had the chance to use our imagination to create a comic strip of our characters, but it was also interesting seeing what more you and your partner could add, this activity was really collaborative which made it really enjoyable to make our strip.

Cultural Superhero


For this Summer Learning journey kick start activity we did cultural superhero, my superhero is called Mahina otuka.Mahina otuka is a Maori superhero from Aotearoa whos purpus is to fight and defeat villains,  my superheros backround story is about how she lost her mom and sister because of villains but lucky her dad and brother survived, because of this Mahina plans to get regevens as anger/revenge takes over her as it says in my slide this is the reason she seeks revenges.

I found this activity interesting because I was able to make a superhero of my culture and I was able to share/animate and discribe it.

Super seesaw

I did a summer learning task called Super seesaw.

First I had to watch a video talling me how to make a seesaw mayself using a spoon rope and a cup.

Then I made the seesaw, it didnt work the first time, but then it worked when a friend helped.

Lastly I did the shot where I pushed the fork”there was no spoons” and the cup fliped and then landed when on the floor.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at trying to make somthing land in a cup