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Thank you letter

LI:to show appreciation to our teachers.

I have been doing my CARE awards respect and one of my task was to make a thank you letter to one of the staff members, my thank you letter was to Miss Anderson and Miss Fisi’iahi thanking them for what they have thought me and how it helped me in life, for example I thanked Miss Fisi’iahi for teaching me new strategies for maths, and I also explained what questions it helped me with.

I enjoyed this activitie because I got to thank my two teachers Miss Fisi’iahi and Miss Anderson for the things that have helped me with and what they have thought me.

Aretha Franklin

LI:to learn about Aretha Franklin and her song “RESPECT”.

This week I have been doing my CARE Award badges one of my task for the silver Respect Award was to “Research Aretha Franklin’s song RESPECT “.I found out that her song “RESPECT” meaning was to show respect to your man, I also found out that it was her most famous song out of her 112 charted singles, I also learnt her lyrics to her song respect.

I found this activity solid because it was really hard finding all the information about Aretha Franklin and her song.

How to be cyber smart

LI:To know how to stand up for yourself or what to say when getting bullied.

This week i’ve been doing my CARE Awards Badges, one of my task was to “Create a DLO on how to stand up to bullies, or how to be cyber smart”. My DLO shows what to say or do when getting bullied and how to stand up to bullies, it also shows what language you should use when getting bullied.I said you should use manners and to not swear.

I found this activity joyful because it was fun to look at what you can say when getting bullied and to tell others.