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Moment in time poem – Polar Bear

LI: To discirbe a poem about a moment in time

For wirtting this week we had a challenge where we had to create a poem using a video, the video was about a polar bear and a man, inorder to do this we had to imagine ourselfs in the mans shoes and we had to express how we would feel if we were him.

We did this in groups because in our class we belive that in groups we work better, after we watched the video we wrote down on our white broads what we heard, after we had completed writing down everything we heard, we picked 3 word which we had to make better and stronger, we did the same with “I felt, I saw, and I wondered”.

Then we used this information to make and create our poem, I enjoyed this task as it was interesting to put myself in his shoes and I found it exciting as I got to find out new word therefore I could grow my vocabulary.

My Special Taonga

LI: To structure and write an explanation

Our challenge was to write an explanation to tell others about something we value as a special taonga. Our challenge was to make sure what we had written made sense and each idea was explored in a paragraph. My taonga is my special Pounamu “greenstone” earring, I value this as a toanga because they were handed to my nan then my mum making its way to me, they are also were speical as I wore them to my first kapahaka performance.

I found this activity experresting because I way able to share to share about a Taonga that is very speical to me and my bloodline/family.

What happened down the stairs?

LI: To understand the 5 senses can be used to strengthen a description

Our challenge was to co construct a text using the olfactory, auditory, gustatorial, visual and kinesthetic senses to describe the story about ehat happen down the stairs. This time we were able to speak and sat facing our partners, witch made this task very easyer since both of us could explain what we had in mind and share our ideas with one another.

Once we had completed this part of the challenge we joined together with another group to share our writing and make sure what we had written made sense and had met the language feature challenge.

I found this activity appealing because this task was actually enjoyable because I understod it very well.

These Shoes have a story to tell

LI: To use the 5 senses and personification to help us paint a picture with words.
To understand that personification is to give an inanimate object human qualities

Our  challenge was to co construct a text using personification and the senses to describe the story behind the shoes in this image. We sat back to back and weren’t able to talk, when one partner was done with thier sentence they would add a fullstop to tell the other person they are done so now its ur turn, this would continue until the story was done.Half way through Mrs Anderson challenged us to include a rhetorical question and a simile or metaphor me and my partner added ” cried, I was hoping to make it back home clean and dry” for the simile.Once we had completed this part of the challenge we joined together with another group to share our writing and make sure what we had written made sense.

After that part of the challenge was finished we used the punctuation points game to me and my partners got 40 points, We marked eachother’s punctuation against the points table. We then had a chance to check our own work against the points table. That was fun because every point our partners missed menat we could take a point off theirs.

I found this activity interesting because I was able to work more on my teamwork and more about 5 senses, I also found this interesting because I was able to give a nonliving things and objects living attributes.

Key Competencies

LI: To create a comparison of the before and after experiences at camp.

Before camp, we wrote down what we would achieve at camp by using the acronym TRUMP. Thinking is thinking about others, Relating to Others is to communacating with other, Using language symbols and text is not swearing Managing self is cheering on my teammates, Participation and contribution is trying new things.  These 5 words help us to remember when to use them in every activity. When we came back from camp, we wrote down how we used the key competencies for our belongings and in the activities.

I found this activity appealing because is was cool looking at what I wrote before camp and after camp.

A Moment In Time

LI: To recount and explore the learning and experiences from our Year 7/8 camp

Our group wrote a poem based on our senses like auditory, tactile, visual, and kinesthetic. We used our prior knowledge of the senses and unfolded different words and ideas that described Hunua Falls. These moment in time poems represent our experience at Kokako Lodge. One of our ideas were raging waterfall tumbling down against the immense rocks, before it meanders down the creek towards its mouth.We then used word hippo to find more powerful words to strengthen our poems.

I found this activity intersting and tough because it was hard finding more desirable words that explained our experience at camp, but I found it intersting to find higher quality word other then the lower quality words me and my group were going to use for our moment in time poem.

Writing my own story

I wrote my own story.

First I made a brain storm of all my ideas, I added a lot of ideas but I chose one where a kid named john get bullied for joe since he doesnt do his work.I then added back up people they were to help john, and make john stop bullying him, there names were Alex, Danny, Barle and peter, they were all nice people and didnt like bullys.

Then I made notes, my notes were telling the names of the people and what they were going to say and do.

Lastly I made the fornt and back cover, I didn’t finish but I finished adding the pictures and what was happening in the pictures, and what the people are saying.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at making my pictures look better.


TOPES stands for title, Orientation, Problem, Events and Solution

T stands for title, the title shows the reader the text is about.

O stands for orientation, introduce the people from the story, or the main character.

P stands problem, the problem is used and caused for the main character.

E stands for events, the event are used to tell what the main character is doing.

S stands for solution, the solution is to show whats happening now.

The Structure of a Narrative is TOPES, what stands for title, Orientation, Problem, Events, and Solution.


TEE stands for topic sentence, explain, and elaborate.

Topic means the main reason, for example” The sun was Shining bright, when a leaf fell off the tree”.

Explain means how you tell the reader about what happen but more detail than the topic for example “The bright sun was shining, as a leaf fell off the tree landing on the gold sand.”

Elaborate is when you add as much detail you can by watching or seeing an image.

Formal, Informal

Formal, Informal.

Formal, formal is mostly used when talking speaking to people you never met, or don’t know, For example is you want to get a job and have to send a email, you should use formal laguage.

Informal, informal lagauge is used when talking to people you are really close with, or people you have known for a long time.

Then done a task where Ihad an informal text then made into an formal text.