Jumping and running skills

I learnt jumping and running skills.

First we done running skills, we had to get into line and run upto coach, Then we had to get balls behind our foot and run upto coach again but we had to try not to make the ball move by our foot, if you didn’t want the ball to move you had to take long steps or try not to press your foot down since it was behind you ankle, we then had a race.

Then we done long jump we had to try get upto coach and see  how far you can go, then we done it by yourself, we had to try run then jump in the middle of the cone, if you wanted to get a far jump you had to run then jump and try land on your two feet and do the motorbike stance.

Lastly we done long jump but how far we jumped how much points you get.

I liked this PE and I think I’m good at jumping but I think I need to get better at running faster.


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