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Tension Graphs

LI: To summarise a text using our own words

Our challenge was to show how our tension in each event in the story. We need to change the lines height to show the tension in throughout the story. Each tension was rated from 1 to 10 as we unfold the story.
I found this activity appealing because It was interesting to see my and my team’s tension in each part of the story.

Main Idea

LI: To identify the main ideas in the text.

This week we have been learning how to find and collaboratively decide on the main idea in a text by negotiating. We read the text Lester and Clyde. This was a text about the consequences of pollution. Our group think the main idea was think of our consequences before doing an action as it shows us in story on how polluting in our drains can endanger our different animal life.

We found this activity hard exciting because it was hard to find a main idea together, but we worked as a team to find the ideas.

Organ quiz

Me and my group finished our organ quiz, and made it ever better

First we had to get all our information from our plan, for example who is putting the links on, or who is make the wrong and correct slides.

Next we had to add more quetions, we added 3 extra questions, and added a slide telling more about the organ and what the organ was.

Lastly we showed Mr Wong for feedback, Mr Wong gave feedback saying we just needed to add a picute and not to add a wibsite.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at expaining the stakeholder and perpus.


I learnt about an topic called the organ and made an quiz about it.

First My team and I made an plan, We had to write down the detailed information for example “Who uses the organ” or “why was the organ made” and the collate information for example “The organ was made in the 3rd century BC but why?”. Me and my team also had to write down who makes what therefore one of my team members cant do nothing.

Then we made the quiz, then were 5 questions but they were all the talking about diffrent parts of history, for example there was a quetion saying”why was the organ made” and an other one saying “when was the organ made”

Laslty we check all slides to see if it was working, we didnt finish but we added alot of information on.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at planning the quiz.


I made a podcast about an organ.

First me and my team had to find facts about the organ, for example I found what the organ was made out of, I found that it was made out of wood and metal. The wood was environmentally friendly but the metal was called lead and was really bad for people, it was killing 1m people per year.

Then me and my team made notes about the organ so we knew what to write for our script.

Next we wrote our scripts, we all had two line to say about the organ, one of the line had an argument, all the lines talked about different stuff about the organ, for example two lines talked about the thing the organ is made out of, then the other lines talked about thing the organ is bad for.

Lastly we recorded the and said our lines, I talked about how the wood was environmentally friendly, and how it can’t kill or hurt anyone.

I enjoyed this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at talking louder in the mic so my voice is more clearer.

Purpose, user, and stake holder

The organ Purpose, user, and stake holder.

The organ is an piano made in the 3rd century BC.

The stake holder of the organ is an guy named engineer Ctesibius of Alexandria.

The purpose is that it was invented as a device to emit a flow of air at a constant pressure.

and the users are churches, concert halls, schools and many other public places.


I did synthesising but I used it in book/storys.

First I had to watch a story about three billy goats gruff and say what I all ready know about billy goats, I said I know that they like eating grass and they have horns, then after I watched the video in new information I put that their are 3 billy goats, but they have no grass so they try to cross the bridge but theres a troll on it, therefore they can’t get cross the bridge, lastly for new infromation I put little brothers can get away with a lot since theres always somone to help.

Then I had to read another book called “The thieving Foxes” it was about how there are foxes all not the same, they are all hunger so they try to make a plan to steal from the idians since the idians had got gifted food, but their plan was bad so they fell down to their death, I had to put what I already know about foxes, the information the book gave me, and what I have learnt from the story.

Lastly I put foxes are meating eating animals, then I said the foxes are hunger so they are making a plan to steal from the idians, lastly for new understanding I put you should not steal because bad things will happen.


I did anywords with Bethany.

First I found a partner, I found Bethany, then we got the anywords slide so we could play on it.

Then we wrote our first words, Bethany wrote dragons then I wrote gate from the G.

Lastly Bethany won 19 I won 17, we made some mistakes by spelling diring and ontop.

I liked playing anywords and I think I’m a little good at it, but I think I need to get better at the game by playing more and stop making spelling mistakes.


This week I revised Inferring.

First my team and I had to do cloze,SSR selfie, and fact find.

Then we had a lesson with Miss White, she told us more about inferring.

Next we had to do a task which was inferring a story named  “The kakangora” we had to Infer it on a template.

Lastly I had to do a task called “key into Inference”

I liked this task because I learnt more about inferring and I think I need to get better at helping my team,but I think I’m good at Inferring.


This week i learnt more about synthesising, synthesising is when you use new information to create a new thought,idea,opinion or perspective.

First me and my group had to do cloze,steps,fact find then SSR selfie.

Then Miss White gave me and my group a lesson on what we are going to synthesising, we had to synthesise Emperor Penguin.

Next we had to put the information we know in the template and then the information we learnt in the template.

Lastly i made a DLO about how to synthesise and what synthesising is.

I liked synthesising, and I think im good at synthesising, but I think I need to get better at sharing my ideas.