I did synthesising but I used it in book/storys.

First I had to watch a story about three billy goats gruff and say what I all ready know about billy goats, I said I know that they like eating grass and they have horns, then after I watched the video in new information I put that their are 3 billy goats, but they have no grass so they try to cross the bridge but theres a troll on it, therefore they can’t get cross the bridge, lastly for new infromation I put little brothers can get away with a lot since theres always somone to help.

Then I had to read another book called “The thieving Foxes” it was about how there are foxes all not the same, they are all hunger so they try to make a plan to steal from the idians since the idians had got gifted food, but their plan was bad so they fell down to their death, I had to put what I already know about foxes, the information the book gave me, and what I have learnt from the story.

Lastly I put foxes are meating eating animals, then I said the foxes are hunger so they are making a plan to steal from the idians, lastly for new understanding I put you should not steal because bad things will happen.

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