Collaborative Art

LI: To use different types of warm and cool colours to recreate a world-known painting from Van Gogh.

This week’s art is about Van Gogh and his famous art piece “The Starry Night”. The Class was divided into 2 groups of 16 people, 1 of each group remade “The Starry Night” in warm colours and cool colours digitally.Each group divided 16 pieces of the Starry Night with each person in the group. Working as a collaborative team we gathered all or pieces to 1 DLO to finally reach our desired outcome.

I found this activity Joyful because it was a fun collaborating with different people but it was also interesting to see how our work would look like when put together in the end.

Tension Graphs

LI: To summarise a text using our own words

Our challenge was to show how our tension in each event in the story. We need to change the lines height to show the tension in throughout the story. Each tension was rated from 1 to 10 as we unfold the story.
I found this activity appealing because It was interesting to see my and my team’s tension in each part of the story.

How to read a nutrition label

LI: To read food labels and understand what they tell us

This week’s inquiry is about nutrition labels and how we read them. Our task was to make a poster that tells us how to read a nutrition label and how much of the portion should it have in a meal to be a healthy diet. We had to choose between 9 cereals that was the most healthiest by reading the nutrition label individually and I chose weet-Bix because from all the other cereals weet-Bixs had less sugar and a good amount of protein.
I found this activity Interesing because I liked learning about food lables and I found seeing what cereal was the healthiest and best to eat if on a healthy diet interesting.

Pablo Picasso Who am I?

LI to use our smart searching skills for research.

For this inquiry, our topic researching about the famous artist Pablo Picasso. By using our smart researching skill we used the knowledge on the internet to create a DLO on personal information about him. Something I found interesting about Picasso was that he went through the Blue Period from 1901 to 1904, and how much people and artist he inspired with his art.

I found this activity interesting because I enjoyed learning more about Pablo Picasso and how he inspired people worldwide with his qoutes.

Statistical Investigation

LI: to create diagram about the top 6 rivers in Auckland.

Our math group created a diagram which shows the top six rivers in Auckland from smallest to largest. We used our collaborative skills to find out the data of each river. We put these rivers in this order from shortest to longest Whau River 6km, Puhoi, Tamaki River, Waitakere River, Hoteo River, Wairoa River.
We used our knowledge to come to the conclusion on what river is the longest out of the 6 rivers in Auckland, which is Wairoa River what is 65km.

I found this activity enjoyable because I liked finding what river was the longest in New Zealand out of the top 6.


LI: To remember and give information about Kokako Lodge.


After camp, we created a brochure about information and highlights about our experiences at Kokako Lodge. We used our persuasive skills and gave reasons to why our audience would want to go. We used pictures to show what it is like at Kokako Lodge and what they have to offer.

I found this activity interesting and fun because I liked telling people why they should go too kokako lodge and how its a great experience.

Class Rules and Expectations Poster

LI: To follow the classroom rules and expectations (including wet day procedures)

This week we did a PB4L poster discussing about the Class Expectations and Rules and why they’re important to follow. This poster is also about respecting the teachers and pupils in the classroom. An example of this is Respect peoples privacy and not saying bad words.

I found this activity entertaining because I liked sharing class rules and expectations, I also enjoyed explaning why we use these rules.

Thank you letter

LI:to show appreciation to our teachers.

I have been doing my CARE awards respect and one of my task was to make a thank you letter to one of the staff members, my thank you letter was to Miss Anderson and Miss Fisi’iahi thanking them for what they have thought me and how it helped me in life, for example I thanked Miss Fisi’iahi for teaching me new strategies for maths, and I also explained what questions it helped me with.

I enjoyed this activitie because I got to thank my two teachers Miss Fisi’iahi and Miss Anderson for the things that have helped me with and what they have thought me.

Moko Ika Hika Waru

LI:to learn and picture the legends of the Taniwha creature

This week LS2 have been doing Taniwha art to represent our panmure basin because people say that some of the Taniwhas live in our panmure basin, and because we wanted to represent a Taniwha called Moko Ika Hika Waru, The Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru was described to have eight tails. The Taniwha is a Maori creature/legend that Maori believed to hide in the rivers, some Taniwha were also belived to abduct women.

I enjoyed this activity bacuse I got to learn more about the Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru, but it was hard to look at diffrent Taniwhas to see what details I could add to me and my groups Taniwha art.

Aretha Franklin

LI:to learn about Aretha Franklin and her song “RESPECT”.

This week I have been doing my CARE Award badges one of my task for the silver Respect Award was to “Research Aretha Franklin’s song RESPECT “.I found out that her song “RESPECT” meaning was to show respect to your man, I also found out that it was her most famous song out of her 112 charted singles, I also learnt her lyrics to her song respect.

I found this activity solid because it was really hard finding all the information about Aretha Franklin and her song.