Volleyball skills

I learnt volleyball skills.

First I had to get into a group of 2.Then we had to find a different group to pear up with.

Then we had to practise sitting ,when we were passing we had to have our hand in front of us, when the ball came to us we had to push it up by our hands to the person by us in our group.

Next we had to practise our digging, I learnt that when you get passed the ball you hit it with your arms, when you hit it you have to have your arms together. Then we got into a group of boys and girls we had to try and pass the ball by serving,passing and digging,the ball to each other without dropping it and saying the whole ABCs to win.

Lastly we had a real game with 4 teams, 2 teams went at a time.

I liked learning about volleyball skills, but I think I need to get better at digging, but I think im good at sitting.

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