I have learned about synthesising, synthesising is when you get new information,new ideas to create a new thought,idea,or an opinion.

First me and my team had to do SSR selfie,Fact find and cloze.

Then we had a lesson with Ms White, I learnt that when I’m synthesising I get one piece of information I know and one piece of information I have learnt then making it into a sentence, for example if you are talking about kiwis you say what you already know about kiwis and what you have learnt about them then making it into a sentence that can give more information about kiwis to the reader.

Lastly I had to make a DLO explaining what synthesising is.

I liked this task because I learnt more about synthesising, but I think I need to get better at finding new information, but I think I’m good at giving information I already know.

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