Treaty of Waitangi

LI: To explore the world in 1840 and the art of the Treaty.

This week we looked at what the world was like in 1840. Did you know the Treaty of Waitangi happened because Moaris wanted protection from the British from France since they would take their land.

We did this task to learn more about Treaty of Waitangi and the people who were involved in the Treaty, one of the most interesting fact I found out about Treaty of Waitangi is that when the treaty was getting signed british flags were on the table.

One thought on “Treaty of Waitangi

  1. Malo e lelei Taya!
    I really like your blog post about the Treaty of Waitangi, I love how your group wrote who was involved, when was it signed and why they signed it. Yes, I did know that the Treaty of Waitangi happened because the maori wanted protection. The fact I found interesting was that Hone Heke was the first person to sign the Treaty of Waitangi and he was a supporter of the Treaty. If you find the task interesting, you should write why you find this interesting on your blog.

    Great Job!
    SIniva Taumoepeau

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