I did a summer learning task called its cool to be kind.

First I had to make a copy of a google slide, it had tips of how to write a comment in maori.

Next I wrote a comment on Mia-Bellas blog post about evaluation.

I liked and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at making the comment better.

4 thoughts on “SLJ

  1. Kia Orana taya. I enjoyed reading your blog about being kind. Can you write a comment in maori? I don’t think I could unless I got help. I think that you could try and get a little bit better at writing your comments by making them longer. Over all, your did a good job at this task. Regards Keira

    1. Kia Ora Keira.
      It it good you enjoyed my blog, I can write comments in maori and if you like I can help you.
      I will make my comment longer next time, and thank you for the positve feedback.
      Regards, Taya

  2. Kia ora Taya,

    You have done a great job at writing your comment in te reo māori. Ka Pai!

    I am sure Mia Belle will really appreciate your beautiful and encouraging comment.

    What was a new te reo māori word you leant that you hadn’t heard before doing this activity?

    Thank you
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

    1. Hello Manar Mahmoud.
      Thank you so much for you positve feedback, I also think Mia-Bella will appreciate the comment.
      A new word I learnt when making my comment is arohanui.
      Regards, Taya

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