I made a podcast about an organ.

First me and my team had to find facts about the organ, for example I found what the organ was made out of, I found that it was made out of wood and metal. The wood was environmentally friendly but the metal was called lead and was really bad for people, it was killing 1m people per year.

Then me and my team made notes about the organ so we knew what to write for our script.

Next we wrote our scripts, we all had two line to say about the organ, one of the line had an argument, all the lines talked about different stuff about the organ, for example two lines talked about the thing the organ is made out of, then the other lines talked about thing the organ is bad for.

Lastly we recorded the and said our lines, I talked about how the wood was environmentally friendly, and how it can’t kill or hurt anyone.

I enjoyed this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at talking louder in the mic so my voice is more clearer.

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