spinting skills

I learnt sprinting skills.

First we had a wam up, we played a game where there were bunnys and rats, if the caller said bunnys the bunnys had to run to their side when the rats try to chase and tag them the same goes to the rat but the rats had diffeerent spot to run if called.

Then we played another game where we had to run in circles, but when coach says somthing like run on your heals, you have to.  At the end we had to say what we found hard and what we found easy.

Next we played tiktak toe with cones, we had to go against a differnt team, something coach told us was that how fast you run matters and when you start running matters, but teamwork isnt that important but it still does matter.

Lastly we got into a group of 4 with 2 people at the end and 2 people in the front, I learnt when running the reaction time, speed is what matters.

I liked learnting about running,sprinting and I think I’m good at running but I think I need to get better at my reaction time.

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