Modes of Transport

This week I learned about transport and the modes of transport.

First I learnt the 4 modes what are rail, land , air and sea, I also had to get into a group of 4 with a paper and had to write down the 4 modes ,I then had to find vehicles that is used with the modes for example for air there was hot air balloon, jet or plane.

Next I learnt the mode of transport that uses the 4 modes. For example planes are used in the sky so the mode is air or boats are used in the water so the mode is sea.

Lastly I had to do a task where I had 4 slides with the 4 modes on it, I had to put pictures on each and attributed them I then I had to explain them for example for land I had pictures of cars since its used on land, I then explained cars for example I said “car have four wheels, cars run from gas”and more.

I liked this task because I learnt more about modes of transport and I think I’m good at it, but I think I need to get better at getting the images and attributing them.

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