Month: May 2022



Inference is guessing extra information from a photo or text.

Inference can unlock keywords from a scentence, it can also be used in “I can see so I can infer”. For example, the lady had a raincaot on what weather do you think it was? I can see that is says raincaot so I can infer that it is raining.

Inference can be used in text,photo/paragrapho, if you use “I can see, so I can infer”.


This week I learnt about inference. Inference is when you give a conclusion or an opinion that is formed because of knowledge or facts of evidence in a text or photos.

First we learnt about inference by looking at photos and used extra information from the photo, then we got into a team of 3 and shared our ideas, for example we saw a lady holding a tissus and inference she was sick.

Then I had to get my library book and take photos of pictures from the book and write down what I could see and what I infered.

Lastly I made a poster explaining what inference is and an example about it, here is the poster:


This week I learnt about Mass.

I learnt about mass by taking grams and kilograms and converting it, convert means mean to change for example if the there is 5432 grams is can be convert to 5.432kg,I only convert grams into to kilograms and kilograms into grams, the difference between grams and kilograms is that kilograms has thousand of grams, so to make a kilogram you need thousand of grams.

Lastly I made a poster about converting grams and kilograms.


This week I learnt about Inference and made a poster about it.

Inference is when you give a conclusion or an opinion from a text.

First I had to look at a book called “honey makers” Then I looked at the first two photos and inferred about them.

Then I made a poster about what inference is and what it means.

Revise Soccer skil

This week we revised soccer skill,We revised dribbling the ball, stopping the ball and passing the ball.

First we had to warm up so we played a game called rock paper scissor shoot suck in the mud,the way we played was if you tag someone and win the rock paper scissor shoot you get to run and tag other people but if you lose you have to stay there and wait for someone to tag you out.

Next we revised dubbing and stopping by getting into groups of three and dubbing to each other.we had to use the inside of are feet to driple it.

Then we revised passing by getting into a line and when one person is in front of us and the next too in a line so we can pass to them.

Lastly we played a game where we got into a group of five and had to try to tag someone passing.

Soccer skils

Today I learnt about how to do soccer skills.

First I had to learn how to dribble,I had to kick it with the inside of my foot and we had to keep it close so other teams couldn’t steal it.

Next we lined up into two lines facing each other so we can learn how to pass the ball we had to kick the ball to each other so we can learn how to pass,We also had to use are non dominant foot to kick and stop the ball,The leg you don’t use to kick or stop you have to point it where you want to kick.

Lastly we played a game where we went in two teams, one stood on one side and the next team had to stand on the other side. We had to pass it to each other 8 times to win.

I like learning soccer skills but I think I need to get better at passing,but I think I’m good at kicking it to my teammate.

Parts of speech

This week I learnt about parts of speech and the different kinds of words.

First I learnt about a noun,a noun is a thing that can be talked about for exmaple the t-shirts is a noun,we had to look at a picture and find the noun in it,We also looked at the picture for the different kinds of words.

Then we learnt about a different word which was an adjective,an adjective is words that describe nouns for example,the soft t-shirt soft is an adjective.

Next we learnt about a verb,a verb is an action,an action like fell.

Lastly I learned about adverbs,adverbs are just words that describe a verb like it fell fast.


Observable information is something that can be seen directly. Literal information is information that is printed or written.

Observable is also when you noticed something for example if you see a picture you can say what you swore in it,for example :  I wrote what I swore in the picture.

Literal information is also when you can understand what’s happening, for example you can understand what’s happening in the text or photo.