Soccer skils

Today I learnt about how to do soccer skills.

First I had to learn how to dribble,I had to kick it with the inside of my foot and we had to keep it close so other teams couldn’t steal it.

Next we lined up into two lines facing each other so we can learn how to pass the ball we had to kick the ball to each other so we can learn how to pass,We also had to use are non dominant foot to kick and stop the ball,The leg you don’t use to kick or stop you have to point it where you want to kick.

Lastly we played a game where we went in two teams, one stood on one side and the next team had to stand on the other side. We had to pass it to each other 8 times to win.

I like learning soccer skills but I think I need to get better at passing,but I think I’m good at kicking it to my teammate.

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