This week I and half of Ls1 played dodgeball.

First we played a game of jedi dodgeball, when we played jedi dodgeball we will have to try to get the jedi out, because if we got the jedi out it can’t get more people in, it also meant we had a better chance of winning.

Then we played traditional dodgeball, in traditional dodgeball if u got out u cant get back in since there was no jedi. There was also a rule where if you catch the ball when it’s coming to you, you won’t be out.

Lastly we played the same game but if you catched the ball when it was coming to you, you could get your teammates back in, but it had to be a full catch.

I enjoyed playing different dodgeball games.

But I think I need to get better at catching.

I think I’m good at throwing.


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