Inchcape Rock

LI: To find and summarise the story behind the poem – On a fine day a ship sailed calmly on sea, No danger in sight the ship rocked among the waves, Abbot of Aberbrothok had placed a Bell on inchcape rock, Marners heard the warning bell when the rock was hiding.The sun which shone beautifully setting on the blue sea, the bell which laid on the inchcape rock was seen.The time of spring gave Sir Ralph a wickden idea, Sir Ralph felt the cunning urge to break the bell, Sir Ralph leaned over his boat cutting the inchcape bell, The bell lowered down as all the bubbles burst around, Sir Ralph sailed away, and scoured the sea many days, The sun stopped shining as darkness and dampness took over, Sir Ralph takes his stand as darkness took a hand, “nothing can be seen” one said confusion came upon them, wind drifted them onwards until the inchcape rock was seen, SIr Ralph teared his hair and, crust himself in agony as below Sir Ralph could hear the bell ring again.

Our challenge was to unpack the story behind the 17 verses of the poem Inchcape Rock by Robert Southy. The part I found interesting was when Sir Ralph got a wickden idea when he felt the cunning urge to break the bell, I found this part very interesting the reason being it gave a interesting plot to the story which gave me a better reason to keep reading so I could see what happened next.

I found this activity thrilling because it was interesting finding new words to use in my 10 word summarise.

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