Moko Ika Hika Waru

LI:to learn and picture the legends of the Taniwha creature

This week LS2 have been doing Taniwha art to represent our panmure basin because people say that some of the Taniwhas live in our panmure basin, and because we wanted to represent a Taniwha called Moko Ika Hika Waru, The Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru was described to have eight tails. The Taniwha is a Maori creature/legend that Maori believed to hide in the rivers, some Taniwha were also belived to abduct women.

I enjoyed this activity bacuse I got to learn more about the Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru, but it was hard to look at diffrent Taniwhas to see what details I could add to me and my groups Taniwha art.

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