Day: May 12, 2022

Revise Soccer skil

This week we revised soccer skill,We revised dribbling the ball, stopping the ball and passing the ball.

First we had to warm up so we played a game called rock paper scissor shoot suck in the mud,the way we played was if you tag someone and win the rock paper scissor shoot you get to run and tag other people but if you lose you have to stay there and wait for someone to tag you out.

Next we revised dubbing and stopping by getting into groups of three and dubbing to each other.we had to use the inside of are feet to driple it.

Then we revised passing by getting into a line and when one person is in front of us and the next too in a line so we can pass to them.

Lastly we played a game where we got into a group of five and had to try to tag someone passing.