Fact Famliy

Me and my goup leant about how to make a fact famliys.

A fact famliy is many facts and numbers on one slide.

First we got into groups where we got a number for example if you got 4 then you will have to do facts in 4 everybody will have one number from 1 to 8,Then we line up to 1 to 8 then we changed are group so all of us will have different facts and can make a fact famliy in every fact famliy will have a fact up to 8.

Then we made a slide where all of are number were on,My number was 7 so i done facts in 7,for example if my fact was 7×6 i will have 7 group of 6,My facts was 7×7 so i hade to make 7 group of 7 with bloxs

lastly when i finest my 7×7 fact i hade to 7×7 to 7×10.

I liked this task because i leant my fact famliy,But i need inprov my times table.

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