I learnt about an topic called the organ and made an quiz about it.

First My team and I made an plan, We had to write down the detailed information for example “Who uses the organ” or “why was the organ made” and the collate information for example “The organ was made in the 3rd century BC but why?”. Me and my team also had to write down who makes what therefore one of my team members cant do nothing.

Then we made the quiz, then were 5 questions but they were all the talking about diffrent parts of history, for example there was a quetion saying”why was the organ made” and an other one saying “when was the organ made”

Laslty we check all slides to see if it was working, we didnt finish but we added alot of information on.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at planning the quiz.

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