Market day

Panmure Bridge School hosted a market day for all classes, Which was held Wednesday this week. All classes had to make a range of ideas and products. My class LS2 made harakeke/flax fish, keyrings, bracelets and rings. If someone were to buy the flax fish they would get an additional free kit which had instructions on how to make the fish, and some free stars!

Before the market started LS2 set up tables for all classes so that they could put their products and posters up, Room 1 and Room 2 had their stalls set up in the hall while LS2 were on the stage just outside the hall, all other classes regarding Room3, Room4, Room5 and LS1 were under the canopy, After we all finished setting up the stalls, it was time to start the market day in addition to buy the products, we all had 5 tokens to spend.

Our stall (LS2) had a big crowd which adored our stock, many especially loved our bracelets and keyrings.A wealth of people were asking for custom made bracelets in order to get it with their name on it.

I enjoyed the market day because I got to buy some hand made product from each class, and I really appreciated learning how to make flax/harakeke fish and stars because if I get bored at home I could make them with paper, and I could also make it with harakeke if in the furture I get some.

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